Compliance Statement

Export Control and Trade Compliance Statement

OnMicro strictly abides by and implements all applicable national and international trade policies and practices related to OnMicro's operations, including Chinese laws, relevant international trade compliance policies and practices, and applicable foreign laws and regulations. We will effectively fulfill our trade compliance responsibilities and obligations, establish international image of integrity and responsibility to win the trust of our customers, suppliers and partners. OnMicro fully recognizes that conscientious implementation of export control , economic sanctions laws and regulations and a robust compliance program can help us effectively reduce trade risks, create a positive and responsible corporate image, enhance mutual trust and transparency and strengthen global partnerships.


In order to guarantee the effective implementation of trade compliance system, OnMicro has established a Compliance Committee whose responsibilities are to organize, coordinate and guide the company’s trade compliance management. OnMicro has appointed at least one trade compliance manager in each relative section who is responsible for co-ordinating the trade compliance management within the departments.


The Compliance Committee formulates and improves the company's trade compliance policies, systems and processes in accordance with changes in applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, actual internal operations and new issues faced by business development, clarifies the responsibilities of each business unit, strengthens trade compliance knowledge and skills training, regularly conducts internal assessments and audits of the trade compliance system to monitor the continuous and effective implementation of internal compliance policies and systems to ensure the company’s long-term commitment to technology development and enhance its competitiveness in the international market. Meanwhile, in order to achieve compliance management and supervision of all business operations, the Compliance Committee identifies and assesses risks, sets compliance targets, formulates corresponding control measures and implements them into business activities which processes on a regular/irregular basis in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in conjunction with business scenarios.


All employees are committed to contributing for the achievement of OnMicro's trade compliance goals and the full implementation of OnMicro's relevant trade compliance policies. The company will strictly implement the compliance review procedures, follow the laws and regulations in its business activities and investigate and affix legal responsibility for any employee who violates the compliance policies and practices.


Any employee or business partner of OnMicro has any questions regarding the compliance of related business cooperation, commercial transactions or any valuable advice on export control compliance issues, please feel free to contact OnMicro by email complainbox@onmicro.com.cn.


This statement applies to all wholly owned subsidiaries and branches and all employees of OnMicro. This statement will be reviewed annually and revised if necessary.




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