Product Description

The OM1603-11 consists of five groups of LNA and switch  combinations that supports multi-mode RF front-end modules for wireless devices. 

The OM1603-11 is compatible with MIPI RFFE V3.0 control interface. This OM1603-11 packaged in a small LGA 2.9mm  ×2.9mm package. A functional block diagram is shown in  Figure1.

Product Features

►Broadband frequency range:

        • Low band(LB) supported from 600 to 960MHz 

        • Middle Band(MB) supported from 1400 to 2200MHz 

        • Middle High Band(MHB) supported from 1800 to 2700MHz 

        • High Band(HB) supported from 1800 to 2700MHz

►5 LNA output groups with path selections and MHB output  mux 

        • 1 LB group

        • 2 MB groups

        • 1 MHB group

        • 1 HB group

►Designed for CA operation and LNA paths co-existence.

►MIPI RFFE V3.0 compatible

►LGA (49-pin, 2.9mm x 2.9mm) package


        • 5G smart phones and tablets

        • 5G data cards

        • Supports downlink CA and MIMO application


Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram.

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