Product Description

The OM9285-11 is a multi-mode, high efficiency Low Band L-PAMiD (LNA plus Power Amplifier Module with integrated Duplexers) module designed for use as the integrated RF frontend in multi-mode WCDMA / CDMA / LTE / NR mobile cellular equipment. The high efficiency L-PAMiD contains power amplifier paths and LNA bank for 3G/4G/5G Low Band frequencies along with distribution switches, multiplex filters, and antenna switches for multi-band coverage of both transmit and receive functions. OM9285-11 band select, LNA gain and operating parameters are programmed through the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) bus(es). The OM9285-11 transmit-receive module supports Average Power Tracking (APT) and Envelope Tracking (ET) for application versatility combined with higher system efficiency across a wide range of power levels.

Product Features

Integrated LNAs, PAs, switches, filters, and forward/reverse coupler, DPDT

 Integrated linear mode 2G LB GSM PA, 2G HB GSM PA

►Integrated LTE: B8, B20, B26(B5), B12(B17), B28A,NR: n5, n8, n20, n12, n28A

►PA Aux support full LTE LB range & including NR (NR: n20, n12, n28A&28B, n71)

►LNA Aux support full LB frequency range

►Auxiliary ports: 4 LNA, 4 TRX, 4 TX

►Support 256QAM for uplink

►ET optimized, APT compatible 

Supporting 2 modes of ET connection. 

• Mode 1: Vcc1 at fixed voltage ≦ 3.4V; Vcc2 from ETM (+4.8V max, Vrms=2.9~3.1V)

        • Mode 2: Vcc1 and Vcc2 are both connected to ETM (+4.8V max, Vrms=2.9~3.1V)

►n28 support 30MHz single channel BW

►Support forward/reverse coupler

►RFFE interface: MIPI 2.1 for TX (including ASM), MIPI 3.0 for RX

►With self-shielding

►Integration of ESD protection at Ant port


        • 2G/3G/4G/5G Multi-Mode Modems, Handsets, Data Cards or Wearable Devices

        • High Performance Communication Systems

        • LTE Single Carrier Channel Bandwidths up to 20MHz

        • Critical L+M, L+H Downlink CA support

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