Product Description

OM9541-11 is a highly integrated Sub-6GHz PAMiF that  supports 5G handsets and operates efficiently in 5G NR N41  band. The module is fully programmable through a Mobile  Industry Processor Interface (MIPI).  

The PAMiF consists of a 5G PA, Filter, Coupler, and SP2T  switch. RF input/output ports internally matched to 50 ohm to  reduce the number of external components. A CMOS  integrated circuit uses standard MIPI controls to provide the  internal MFC interface and operation. Extremely low leakage  current maximizes handset standby time

The devices  packaged in a small LGA package. (3.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 0.7  mm)

Product Features

        • 5G NR supporting N41 (2515~2675MHz) 

        • Integrated band-pass filtering 

        • Directional Coupler

        • Optimized for APT DCDC operation  

        • Fully programmable Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) control 

        • N41 Power Class 2 up to 100MHz Bandwidth with max 4.8V Vcc 

        • Small package: 3.0 mm × 5.0 mm × 0.7 mm, Max LGA 30 pad configuration


        • 5G NR handsets

        • 5G NR BandsN41


Figure 1 Functional Block Diagram

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