Product Description

The OM8775S-15 is a 4xSPST switch designed for antenna/impedance tuning applications which require high voltage handling capability. All RF path performance is enhanced with low on state resistance, low off state capacitance, and very high RF voltage handling capability The OM8775S-15 is a 4xSPST switch with a Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI). VDD Supply is not required in OM8775S-15. The OM8775S-15 is manufactured in a compact, 10-pin 1.1 x 1.5 x 0.40 mm package. 

Product Features

        • High peak voltage handling: 45 V

        • Low Ron and Coff: 1.2 Ohm/120 fF

        • Single VIO supply, no VDD

        • >2kV HBM ESD Protection on all pins.


        • Antenna tuning

        • Impedance tuning

        • Band switching


Functional Block Diagram

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