Product Description

The OM8827-22 Front-End Module (FEM) offers a complete Power Amplifier (PA) and switching/diplexer solution for  advanced 2G/3G/4G cellular handsets. The HBT PAs support quad-band GSM, GPRS, EDGE multi-slot operation and TD-SCDMA and TDD LTE transmission.  The FEM provides sixteen dedicated transmit and receive RF switch ports covering all 3G/4G bands from 700 MHz  through 2300-2700 MHz. Using a MIPI RFFE interface for PA and switch controls. In support of downlink inter-band  Carrier Aggregation (CA) is via 7 LB ports and 9 M/HB ports separated into two switching blocks. Each switch block  includes an integrated directional coupler that may be monitored on the CPL port with selectable forward or reverse  directionality. A built-in diplexer provides simultaneous LB and M/HB reception required for downlink CA at the single  antenna port. The OM8827-22 providing the linear-GMSK operation standard disables VRAMP input so all PA biasing depends only  on MIPI mode selection. The transmitted envelope is a linear function of RF input. Selecting VRAMP-enabled operation, the PA controller provides VRAMP control of the GMSK envelope and reduces  sensitivity to input drive, temperature, power supply, and process variations. In EDGE, TD-SCDMA and TDD LTE linear  modes, VRAMP voltage and MIPI-based bias settings optimize PA linearity and efficiency.

Product Features

 LGA: 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm x 0.78 mm (Max.)

► Fully programmable MIPI RFFE control

► 16 low loss/high linearity/high isolation TRx switch ports

► High Efficiency (inclusive of coupler and diplexer)

        • 38% GSM850 30% DCS1800

        • 35% GSM900 30% PCS1900

► Integrated broadband directional coupler

► Downlink inter-band CA support with built-in antenna  diplexer

► Built-in IEC-compliant antenna ESD protection

► High impedance control inputs and low standby current

► Current limiting and overvoltage protection for  ruggedness and extended battery life

► Power control circuitry built-in for improved TRP variation


        • Cellular handsets encompassing Quad-Band  GSM/EDGE, Dual-Band TD-SCDMA, and TDD LTE

        •Class 4 GSM850/900

        • Class 1 DCS1800/PCS1900

        •Class 12 GPRS multi-slot operation

        •Linear EDGE operation

        •TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE Bands 34/39

        •TDD LTE Band 39

        •Carrier Aggregation (CA)



Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram

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