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With the continuous development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, household appliances are constantly evolving towards intelligence. The traditional interaction method of using infrared remote control can no longer meet actual usage needs. Bluetooth voice remote control, as a new human-machine interaction medium, is gradually replacing traditional infrared remote control and becoming a standard feature of household devices.

Compared to traditional infrared remote controls, Bluetooth voice remote control has the following features:

1longer transmission distance, no worries about obstruction, no need for aiming, and 360-degree remote control without dead angles;

2larger transmission bandwidth, enabling voice transmission;

3data encryption for safer transmission.

Bluetooth voice remote control makes the control of household appliances safer, simpler, and smarter.


According to the General Administration of Customs of China and related data, the export volume of intelligent remote controls in China was 473 million in 2017, reaching 709 million in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.65%. As a controller of smart devices, the shipment volume of Bluetooth voice remote control will also increase substantially.


OnMicro, as a leading provider of Bluetooth chip technology solutions, has extensive technical expertise in low-power technology, radio frequency technology, and Bluetooth protocol stack. It has a large number of successful cases in the application fields of Bluetooth remote control, smart wearables, wireless keyboards and mouse, smart locks, health and medical care, smart home, electric vehicle instruments, digital keys, and lost and found locators. Its Bluetooth voice remote control solution has been recognized by well-known smart TV and set-top box manufacturers such as Xiaomi TV, TCL, CVTE, and VNPT at home and abroad, and has been widely matched with the products of these manufacturers for large-scale shipments.


The new professional Bluetooth voice remote control solution HS6621CF launched by OnMicro has multiple functional features and performance advantages:

ARM Cortex-M4F Core

Adopting a more stable ARM Cortex-M4F core, with a maximum frequency of 64MHz, it has a more mature ecosystem, making development and debugging more convenient.

AMIC & DMIC support

Internally integrated with a 16-bit audio ADC, its signal-to-noise ratio can reach 93dB, and the highest sampling rate can reach 16KHz, which can use an analog microphone to achieve high-quality audio signal collection. At the same time, it has a PDM interface and supports digital microphones.

Audio Encoding Support

Supports audio encoding algorithms such as SBC and ADPCM, which can ensure that voice data is not lost within a limited bandwidth and make it easier for the controlled device to identify.

Rich Peripheral Resources

In QFN48 package, it has 32 GPIOs, which can meet the needs of infrared emission, infrared learning, and multi-button applications.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The standby power consumption is 1.6uA, the 1-second broadcast current is 23uA, and the 1-second connection interval current is 21uA; the power supply voltage can be as low as 1.8V, which can ensure the whole machine is powered by dry batteries. Under normal use frequency, the battery does not need to be replaced for 365 days.

Excellent RF performance

The maximum transmission power can reach 9dBm, and the receiver sensitivity can reach -95.5dBm at a transmission rate of 1Mbps, which can ensure the stability of data transmission in indoor complex RF interference environments, even on a single-sided circuit board.

High Compatibility

With high compatibility and a Bluetooth protocol stack that has been precipitated for many years and repeatedly tested with thousands of different mainstream devices, it can be compatible with most smart TVs on the market.

Complete Development and Production Support

Complete development and production materials, a concise and easy-to-use OnMicro Bluetooth voice remote control SDK, production tools that support single station programming and frequency offset calibration, and comprehensive information such as OTT set-top box Android firmware development guide can greatly shorten the time from development to mass production.


Based on years of experience in the field of Bluetooth voice remote controls, OnMicro will soon release another product, OM6621E. This solution has lower power consumption, with a standby power consumption of 1.2uA and a 2-second broadcast interval power consumption of 10uA; better RF performance, with a receiver sensitivity exceeding -97dBm@1Mbps; and a more streamlined peripheral circuit, with internally integrated infrared emission drive tubes and infrared learning circuits, further enhancing the user experience of the remote control.


Stay tuned!

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