"2019 Beijing Microelectronics International Seminar and IC WORD conference" held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

On November 28, 2019, the "2019 Beijing Microelectronics international seminar and IC word conference" was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Leaders of relevant departments of Beijing municipal government, leaders of scientific research institutes and friends from the business community gathered to discuss the development of China's semiconductor industry.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology and the Beijing Municipal People's government, the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology organizes the annual grand meeting jointly sponsored by Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, China Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association (CBSIA), International Semiconductor Industry Association (SMEI) and Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association(CASPA). It has been held in Beijing for 18 times and has become a brand activity with international influence.


OnMicro Keynote speech: "The Global Development Trend of 5G RF Front End and the Countermeasures and Solutions of Chinese Companies"

"2019 Beijing Microelectronics International Seminar and IC WORD conference", with the theme of "building new ecology and promoting new leaps together", the goal of "responding to national policies, promoting Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as the core, covering the national vertical integration of integrated circuit industry and collaborative innovation of industry, University and research" and the purpose of "building a global multi-level communication platform", the word conference will further enhance the attraction and international influence of Beijing integrated circuit industry and help the the construction of Beijing IC industrial cluster. Chairman and GM from OnMicro, Qian Yongxue was invited to attend the conference and give a speech.

Chairman and GM from OnMicro, Qian Yongxue,made a keynote speech: "The Global Development Trend of 5G RF Front End and the Countermeasures and Solutions of Chinese Companies" in this Summit. Qian analyzed the technology, environment and talent problems faced by the IC design industry in 5G RF front-end field, and expounded how Chinese IC design enterprises should deal with various challenges and accurately grasp historical opportunities in the current international environment.


Mr. Qian pointed out that at present, the global RF front-end market presents a situation of oligopoly, with American and Japanese enterprises occupying more than 90% of the global market share. In view of the high requirements on technical indicators, materials, technology and packaging of mobile phone RF front-end chips, the proportion of domestic well-known brand mobile phone terminal enterprises using domestic related chips for replacement is still very low, especially in high-end products. In such RF front-end market background, it is not only a technical challenge for Chinese design enterprises, but also a rare historical opportunity. In the domestic market, RF front-end chip design enterprises are still in a relatively good development environment; however, there are many pain points in the domestic RF front-end market. On the one hand, the product homogeneity of domestic enterprises is serious, on the other hand, the capital market has excessive repeated investment in this field. Mr. Qian also pointed out that Chinese IC design enterprises should keep forging ahead in four aspects: coordination, high-end, globalization and marketization, so as to help China get rid of the passive situation of lack of IC and Software as soon as possible.


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Since its establishment in 2012, OnMicro electronics has developed rapidly and is a leading RF front-end chip and RF SOC chip designer in China's sales and shipments. The main products include: 2G/3G/4G/5G full Series RF front-end chips (power amplifier, filter, switch, low noise amplifier, antenna tuner, etc.) for mobile terminals, wireless connection SOC chips (BLE, Bluetooth audio, dual-mode Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless communication chip, etc.) for the Internet of things, and chips support baseband platforms such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum, freedom, Intel, etc. Products are widely used in functional mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, smart watches, wireless keyboard/mouse, drones, remote-controlled cars, smart homes, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth scales, walkie talkies and other consumer products. The total sales volume of the company's products exceeds 3 billion.

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