HS6230 is a 2.4 GHz ultra-low power TX RF compliant with HS6200. The RF module is configured and operated through RF register map. This register map is accessed by MCU through a 3-wire Serial Peripheral interface (SPI). HS6230 support two operation mode including 2.4G mode and BLE mode. In BLE mode, HS6230 can transmit 31 Bytes BLE broadcast packet. HS6230 need only one capacitor and one 16M crystal for peripheral circuit.

Features of the HS6230 include:

► Fast 8-bit microcontroller:

♦  Intel MCS 51 compliant instruction set

♦  Reduced instruction cycle time, up to 12 times compared to legacy 8051

► Memory:

♦  Program memory: 2.5kB of ROM

♦  Internal RAM: 128Byte

► A number of on-chip hardware resources are available through programmable multi-purpose input/output pins:

♦  5GPIO

♦  2 Key

► High performance 2.4 GHz RF transceiver

♦  True single chip FSK transceiver

♦  On the air data rate 1 Mbps or 250 Kbps

♦  125 RF channels operation, with 79 (2.402 GHz –2.480 GHz) channels within 2.400–2.4835 GHz

♦  Short switching time enable frequency hopping

♦  Packet are compatible to HS6200, Nordic and BLE Advertising

► On-chip timers:

♦  Two 16-bit timers/counters operating at the system clock (sources from the 16 MHz on-chip oscillators)

•Timer 0, Timer 1 are compatible to standard 8051

► On-chip oscillators:

♦  16 MHz crystal oscillator XOSC16M

♦  32kHz RC-oscillator RCOSC32K

► Power management function:

♦  Low power design supporting fully static stop

♦  Programmable MCU clock frequency from 125 kHz to 16 MHz

► Smart home            

► 2.4G remote control            


►Electronic scale

    • BT Version
    • Core
    • Max Speed
    • SRAM
    • Flash
    • Packages
    • Supply Voltage

      1.9V - 3.6V